Funny Thing Called Life

Two people got together. They mated. They reproduced. You were born.

You have been given a life. You cannot help it now. You have to live it. How can you undo it? There is only one solution – death can.

Now, what do you make of this life? Do you just die? Or do make an impact? Regardless of its size.

There are many ways to die. Like humans have evolved to survive all sorts of pains and troubles, humans have evolved to find ways to annihilate themselves too. Playing the short game makes sure that you are dead soon.

Playing the long game is hard. It requires you to work hard. Everyday. It needs grinding. It needs ignoring the current pain. Short term games are easy. They come in the form of pleasure.

You could be Elon Musk or Steve Jobs who changed the world. Or you could be that person who died of a drug abuse. You could be a model parent and a teacher, or you could be that person who lost his fortune to gambling. You could be a great writer, or you could be that person who killed someone. You could be a person working hard to survive with his family, or you could be someone who leaves his family to rot.

You could be many things. Or you could be nothing.

It all depends on one thing. Playing the long game versus the short game.

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