Making the Case for Financial Freedom

You must have heard from your friends that there is no point of saving money today. We do not know anything about tomorrow. I have. Plenty of times. From friends and family alike.

I thought that it is a good reason to present a case for financial freedom. Why do we really need to be financially free? I keep thinking about this topic. Day in and day out.

It eliminates the nagging problem of money. How much do we need is a topic for another day but having a cushion over and above your targeted kitty gives you a margin of safety.

It gives you the ability to deal with larger, unexpected and uninsured expenses. You know that you have enough to take care of any significant event in your life.

It allows you to stand up for yourself. You do not have to ask for anything either from your kids, your spouse or the bankers for that matter. It gives you the pride and the ability to walk tall.

You can live on the money for life. Really. If you do not like what you are doing, you could start again. Go back to school again. No one can raise a finger. Neither your family nor the society.

Life is uncertain. Which means there is a probability of the unknown. Even though minuscule. It prepares you for it.

It teaches you the wonderful concept of compounding. It will blow your mind.

Life is just not about spending your day working for someone else. You could do something which makes a difference. Adds value. Or do nothing. Or keep working for your employer with an option to quit any time.

It’s a trump card. Gives you options. It’s a first step towards making your own luck.

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