100 Ways To Live Better

I am not an original thinker. I never have been. I am decent cloner. I pick up ideas which work and make them mine. Inspired by this post by Jacob, I thought of coming up with a list of 100 ways I use to make my life better than before.

This is not a list of advice for anyone to follow. It’s simply an exercise for me to figure if I am really making improvements in my life. You may disagree with me or may have a better approach to my ways. You could definitely come up with your own 100 ways and share them with me. Let’s start with my list. The ideas are in no particular order or theme.

  1. Do not accept any advice at face value. Pick ideas from your friends, relatives, blog posts or books. See if it works for you. Have a hard screening process.
  2. Delete social media from your life. I have not been using Facebook for almost an year now. I deleted Instagram today.
  3. People do not really care about you. To date, no one has asked me about my absence on facebook. Make few but friends for life. I can count my friends on my fingertips.
  4. Learn the nuances of personal finance. It changes your life dramatically. It shapes the way you live and the way you think.
  5. Read. Read. Read. I regret not reading from the first 25 years of my life.
  6. Money solves problems in life. Do not believe anyone if they say it does not. Focus on solving your own problems before you solve any other problem.
  7. Walk a lot. Whenever you get an opportunity, just go and walk. My office has a huge campus. I go on a 15 minute walk every couple of hours.
  8. Embrace solitude.
  9. People die. Accept this fact. Tell your kids that you will die too.
  10. Get insurance for your family. You may not outlive them.
  11. Learn frugality. It’s really hard but it’s life changing.
  12. Avoid the partying culture. Each action taken today has a non-linear impact in the longer term. You cannot undo anything.
  13. Spend time with your family more than your “temporary” friends.
  14. You really do not need much to live a good life.
  15. Understand compounding.
  16. Do a physical activity everyday. Whatever suits you. It must be painful.
  17. Learn to think. It’s a lifelong process.
  18. Write. There was never a good time than today. Writing makes you think. It makes you a better communicator.
  19. Money is just a medium to live a good life. Have a cut off after which you will not work for money.
  20. Make one decision which avoids plenty of other decisions.
  21. A big car is not luxury. It’s purpose is to get you from one place to another. That’s it.
  22. Status is a scam. No one cares what watch you wear. They all tell the same time.
  23. I recently learnt that good shoes are a scam. It’s all about the placebo effect.
  24. Explore new places on foot. Explore your own city on foot. You will discover great things.
  25. Eat the local cuisine when you are travelling. Food and walking are the two best ways to explore a local culture.
  26. Do not be selfish. It’s sometimes ok to let go of the job which pays you higher if it works for your family in other ways.
  27. Try functional training. It’s fun.
  28. Drink water after you wake up. As much as you can. Don’t puke.
  29. Be a cheapo if it saves some money.
  30. Listen to how you speak. Improve.
  31. Be angry. Just do not let everyone else know that you are angry.
  32. You are easily replaceable. Your job is not your life. Your employer doesn’t really care about your well being.
  33. Carry a book at all times. Even if you do not end up reading. Just carry it.
  34. Talk less. Just talk less. If you keep on talking, you’ll end up saying what you didn’t intend to say.
  35. Avoid sugar and anything white. Half of your problems will be solved.
  36. Most of the things your parents advocate today may not really be true. See if it really works for you. The same will be true for your kids.
  37. Buy books. Do not ask for a pdf copy. The author is doing a big favour to you. You can always shell out $20 for a copy.
  38. Pay for anything which adds value to your life. Few products can improve your life dramatically. Books, online courses, gym memberships, and anything durable.
  39. If outsourcing anythings saves your time, just do it. Your time is really more valuable.
  40. Change your job. I got very comfortable in my first job and ended up spending seven years.
  41. Avoid clutter. I do not have anything on my office desk.
  42. Wear comfortable clothes. I do not really understand the concept of skin-tight clothes.
  43. Learn to focus in crowded environments.
  44. Use credit cards. You can literally travel for free.
  45. Invest in your home. It’s the place where you live.
  46. Spend money on food.
  47. I do not understand the idea of “needing a vacation”. Go on a vacation without needing one.
  48. Hoarding is for fools.
  49. You really can’t tell between a cheap or an expensive wine. Just go for the cheap one. They are equally good.
  50. In your 20’s, invest all your money in equities. Learn to stomach the draw downs. It will teach you plenty of other life lessons. Humility will top the list.
  51. Say no to things you do not like. Just learn to say no.
  52. Communicate with simple and easy to understand words.
  53. Focus on the outcome of any task. Understand the outcome of each action of yours. Evaluate what has the probability of working for the longer term. Always, outcome over ego.
  54. Learn to think in probability. It is everywhere.
  55. Focus on ideas which have a longer life. Avoid news.
  56. Investing money in anything physical and expensive is a fools errand. Always compare your net worth to things you want to buy. It’s expensive if it costs more than 0.5% of your net worth.
  57. Quit a stressful job. It’s not worth it.
  58. The result of a haircut at a local salon versus a chain salon is just the same. You only end up paying more money.
  59. Create optionalities in life. Financial freedom will do that for you.
  60. Observe and learn what does not work in life. Smoking everyday is a sure shot way to die early.
  61. You really do not need to have an opinion about everything. It sucks to be a know-it-all.
  62. Always remember that your experiences shape your opinion. What you believe may not really be true.
  63. Follow traffic rules.
  64. Stop giving free advice after a point. Start charging. Your time is valuable.
  65. Do not follow up. If they want something from you, they will reach out to you.
  66. Become someone who people can trust.
  67. Meet your friends regularly. Travel with them.
  68. Say Thank You often. To every small gesture.
  69. Always give gifts. Make sure it’s useful. Flowers are useless.
  70. Do not fucking bargain with a vegetable vendor. Learn to pay. Learn to bless the money you pay.
  71. Twitter is a great place to save your ideas. To learn. Instagram is a great marketplace.
  72. Manage your money like its your business.
  73. You really do not need to take risks to create wealth. Pay taxes. Live frugally. Be patient.
  74. Do not make simple things hard.
  75. Try intermittent fasting.
  76. Doubling your income is the quickest way to achieving financial freedom.
  77. If you are given something for free, always know that they want something from you.
  78. Have cheap hobbies. Reading and writing for example. It saves a lot of money. Fine dining is an expensive hobby.
  79. Learn to appreciate your current state. It could always be worse than this. Do not stop trying to make it better.
  80. Avoid arguments with fools. Let them win.
  81. If you want to achieve something, start behaving like you already have. You will reach your goals sooner.
  82. Pay for subscriptions which improve your life. I pay for spotify, browser, instapaper, evernote and few others.
  83. Vanish from social media for 30 days. People who make effort to reach out to you are the probables who really matter.
  84. Do not spread wisdom when there is panic. Everyone else is already doing that.
  85. Avoid anyone including the media to write about you. I have been through this and I do not think I like it.
  86. Solve your own shit first. More than 90% dogs are vaccinated whereas only 50% of humans are vaccinated. If you think there is no awareness, spread it.
  87. Spend enough time to understand the role of luck and risk in your life.
  88. Protecting your wealth is a skill in itself. Learn it.
  89. Understand that there is a huge probability of you living a very long life. Then work towards making it easier.
  90. Start a blog. Write whatever you like. Share whatever you learn.
  91. How we travel is over-rated. Go slow. It’s fine if you do not have all the stamps.
  92. You could help more number of people by making a monetary contribution rather than a physical contribution. There are many out there who cannot earn as much as you but need the money.
  93. Get rid of junk from your house. I once threw 250 kgs away.
  94. It’s totally fine to not make close friends at work. I do not have any.
  95. Play board games. Avoid the boring ones.
  96. Family comes before everything else. Period.
  97. Upgrade your skills. There is a high probability of being out of your job in a couple of decades.
  98. Do not follow more than a couple of 100 people on any form social media. I would say do not go above 100.
  99. Create alternate sources of income. I recently made 1000 bucks from amazon. Insignificant but felt good.
  100. You do not really have to bother agreeing with any of the things I have written above. These are just my opinions. Most of it could be crap for you.

1 thought on “100 Ways To Live Better”

  1. sorry for disturbing this hierarchy but i want to add some
    101. whenever you having some kind of quarrel with your partner or in your family, just perform MAUN VRAT (remaining silent) for one single day. Problems will be less.
    102. have friends from different backgrounds
    103. learn to talk to strangers
    104. don’t expect, rather aspire
    105. people might not accept you, better you learn to enjoy your own company
    106. ” nothing is ever lasting ” but this phrase IS ever lasting.
    107. death is compounded life

    thank you Niraj Sir for sharing your experience.

    Liked by 1 person

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