Story of a girl who fights the radical beliefs of her Mormon parents. It’s an excellent real life story about a family which did not believe in education and the systems of the government. I have also written a post about it.        





This book will change the way you see your life. The narrator talks about his experiences in a Nazi concentration camp. There are plenty of life changing lessons. I plan to read this one again soon. 




A good book on the concept of minimalism. If you think that your life is in a mess and may be you want to de-clutter, go for this one. I wrote a post on one the anchors which pull us down in life 




This one was a life changing book for me when I read it in 2013. Kiyosaki will convince you to create assets, to seek financial freedom and to live a rich life. A must read.




Set in the future where farm animals are smarter than humans and greed and gratification leads to a chaos. Very interesting lessons.




Why checklists are important and how they are used in the medical and airline industry. You will learn to get better everyday in what you do, only if you implement. Interesting book with lots of examples.



Would you have a baby if you knew that you are going to die soon? A story of a doctor who was diagnosed with cancer. Another book with life changing lessons and some tears.  




Tools to live better collected from stalwarts across the world. Even one or two nuggets from the book can alter the way you live. 




Interesting story of how the Indian stock markets functioned in the early 90’s. If you love stock markets, this one is very very interesting.



A follow up on Tools of Titans. I would avoid this one.




Pick any book about Charlie Munger and there is a lot to learn. This one is no exception.



A historical fiction novel written about a girl who comes to live with her foster parents. The story is narrated by death. It’s gripping. I think I should read it again.  

Jocko Willick convinces you to do hard things. A guide to a better and healthier body. A more disciplined life.




“I can wait. I can fast. I can think” This is all you need to cultivate a better life. Highly recommended.





Another excellent book on Charlie Munger with lots of lessons. Tren Griffin also has an excellent blog at



This one is one of my favourites. I have already it twice. This book is all you need to learn to live a better life. I will write a detailed post soon. 




A great book on awareness of everything around us. Everything that is real and essential.