Elon Musk’s Letter To Employees – Insights on Markets and Investing

Like I mentioned in the newlestter last week, I have been reading a lot about Elon Musk. I've covered almost 900 pages of material largely from the book written by Ashlee Vance (the book is heavily discounted on Amazon right now) and all of WaitButWhy's posts. I learnt a great deal about various things from… Continue reading Elon Musk’s Letter To Employees – Insights on Markets and Investing

Top 3 Money Locking Hacks

Even though my rate of savings have been on the higher side for the last few years, I have been constantly finding avenues to increase the rate of savings. I could save in liquid funds but that would not amount to long-term savings. Ofcourse there are people who can hold money for more than five… Continue reading Top 3 Money Locking Hacks

Very Boring. Works Like Magic.

Napoleon defined military genius as "The man who can do the average thing when all those around him are going crazy." Average things are boring. Boring things are not intellectually stimulating enough (in the wrong ways). They don't give us the adrenaline rush. My rules for a boring life. a. Mediocre skills required to create… Continue reading Very Boring. Works Like Magic.

Take Ownership Of Your Money – Grow Up or Die Poor

I will be 30 years old in 2020. I have learnt enough over the last 10 years about managing finances. There is a lot to learn yet but here are my tid-bits for anyone who wants to get serious about handling their money. Here it goes - Be A Literate - Learn to Deal With… Continue reading Take Ownership Of Your Money – Grow Up or Die Poor

Household Investing Budget

I have one uncle. He invests like everyone else. However, he has a different approach to investing than most of us. Can you guess what? He considers his monthly investing as an expenditure. Let me explain how. We all have monthly household budgets. We plan all our expenses in advance. We plan our purchases in… Continue reading Household Investing Budget

Filling those behavioral gaps

"Chop Wood. Carry Water. Chop Wood. Carry Water." Wu Li, Zen Mater I understood early in life that you have got to increase your savings overtime to end up with enormous amounts of wealth. I never knew that behavior plays a large part in wealth creation that returns. It has been only in the recent… Continue reading Filling those behavioral gaps

Minimalism for Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is something you won’t understand until you have achieved it.  Financial freedom is a funny thing. Those who know about it, keep procrastinating to get on board and those who do not, continue to remain ignorant and live from paycheck to paycheck.  I meet people. I discuss finances with them. All they have… Continue reading Minimalism for Financial Freedom

Hacking how the rich think about money – Part 1

It is given that one should constantly keep change their perspective about money based on the status of their wealth during their lifetime. As you grow rich and create more wealth, it becomes important to learn to deal with the accumulated riches. I keep thinking about this topic and continue to read a lot about… Continue reading Hacking how the rich think about money – Part 1

Change the way you think about money

"Spend less than you make. Always be saving something. Put it into a tax-deferred account. Over time, it will begin to amount to something. This is such a no-brainer!" --- Charlie Munger  I have a friend who has been working for more than 5 years now with an above average salary. As of today, he… Continue reading Change the way you think about money